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What do I do after downloading the app?

Step 1: Account registration

  1. Fill out name, email address, mobile number (international starting with country code). Finish registration with a password
  2. You receive an email immediately
  3. When receiving the message ‘Invalid user information’ check your data on accuracy. Register again
  4. If receiving the notification ‘no mobile telephone number is set for this person in your address book’, check their number in your address book and transfer the mobile number to the top.
  5. When registering you will receive ‘accept push notification?’ Always confirm to enable alarms on your smartphone.

Step 2: Account validation

  1. Open validation email
  2. Proceed to the link at the end of the mail
  3. Press the link
  4. Go to SOS4US and press ‘I have validated my account’
  5. If not receiving an email immediately make sure you have entered your email address correctly. You can always go back to the registration screen and register again. In some cases the validation email is incorrectly marked as ‘spam’. Check your email's spam folder and replace the email to your inbox

How do I start a group?

  1. Go to ‘Groups’
  2. Press +
  3. Press the empty field: a keyboard will appear
  4. Create group name
  5. Choose ‘Done’
  6. Choose ‘Confirm group’

How do I create a group?

Invite your SOS4US Contact for a group

  1. Go to ‘Groups’
  2. Press group
  3. Choose ‘Add member’
  4. Press ‘search address book’. The first time you have to confirm the notification ‘access to your address book’
  5. You can invite the Contacts who have downloaded the app to join your group.
  6. As soon as the invitation has been accepted, your contact will be both part of the group as well as added to the list of SOS4US contacts. For new groups these SOS4US contacts can be invited directly
  7. If a contact has not downloaded the app you’ll get the following message: ‘This person does not have the SOS4US app’. Press contact, choose ‘sms’ or ‘call’ with the request to download the app. If the notice ‘Unknown number’ appears check your contact in your address book; the mobile number has to be at the top of the data!

What does a ‘1’ mean at Contacts and/or Groups?

  1. Press ‘Contacts’ and/or ‘Groups’
  2. Press ‘Requests received’
  3. Accept or refuse to become SOS4US contact and/or group member

I want to leave the group?

  1. Go to ‘Groups’
  2. Press name group
  3. Choose ‘Leave group’

I want to remove a SOS4US member?

  1. Go to ‘Contacts’
  2. Press name
  3. Choose ‘Remove contact’

What happens when I send a SOS?

  1. In case of trouble you press Suspect, Medical, Violence or Burglary. If necessary press the national emergency number (top right hand of the page).
  2. All members receive a loud signal simultaneously and a ‘1’ will appear at ‘SOS overview’
  3. Under ‘SOS overview’ the group sees who has given the alarm and who is able to help or cannot help
  4. After 72 hours the alarms will be deleted

What do I have to do when I receive a SOS?

  1. Go to ‘SOS overview’ and choose ‘I can help’ or ‘I cannot help’

What do I have to do when I accidentally press the alarm?

  1. Go to ‘SOS overview’
  2. Press the alarm then choose ‘Cancel’

What do I have to do when the alarm has passed?

  1. Go to ‘SOS overview’
  2. Press the alarm then choose ‘Resolved’

I don’t have a smartphone, but I do have a tablet. How can I use the app?

Alternative 1:

  1. Go to ‘Contacts’ in your tablet or insert manually name, email and phone number of people with whom you want to create a group, f.i. your neighbours.
  2. Download the app
  3. Go to ‘Groups’ and create group (see above)
  4. Add members (see above)

Alternative 2:

  1. Ask a contact who has already created a group to invite you to become a member
  2. As soon as you have accepted you are part of the group and you can use the app

What do the icons mean?

situation solved
situation annulled
description suspect situation

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